Tel Aviv Street Art

Tel Aviv Street Art

IMG_20151111_131155-minStreet Art in Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel is the largest example of the German Bauhaus Movement’s influence on architecture. Known as the ‘White City’, over the decades the more than 4,000 white buildings of Tel Aviv have become a huge canvas for many street artists. Each time I return to these politically charged streets, I’m reminded how short-lived street art really is as I see the older images barely peeking through the newly sprayed images. The streets are filled with voices that reflect the issues of the time.

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Resting Dog
Knife Intifada
3 heads and a bird
Missy Elliot & Nicki Minaj

Missy Elliot & Nicki Minaj

( On Display ) Missy Elliot & Nicki Minaj Artwork by Arielle Krasner

Recently our friend Ari, aka “Lady with the Spray Paint”, created some amazing artwork of our favs. Get into this portraiture! This Missy Elliot piece is set to go over Double Take’s desk to inspire creativity.

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